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Good news comes Indian consumer's way from their ever favorite Harley Davidson which recently inaugurated a new showroom in Bangalore city. This is the 5th ever showroom of the company in India which is to make available a total of twelve Harley http://www.xhscompressor.com 6SUW-4000-AWM/D-000 compressor Davidson's models to the Indian bike enthusiasts. The new Tusker Harley Davidson dealership is situated at Lavelle Road and is owned by Srinivas who has worked with the Harley Davidson in Melbourne and also is a speed lover. Srinivas is well acknowledged with the company's specification and models and promises to satisfy the customers giving them appropriate information. Harley Davidson has been the most awaited of the Indian bikers with its outstanding speed and features. Harley Davidson is known for producing outrageous motor bikes being speed and impressive looks inculcated to them. The only one of its kind, Harley Davidson, acquires dealership in New Delhi named as Capital Harl